Celestial Ceiling




    EAR·stron·o·my   noun  \ˈir-ˈsträ-nə-mē\   

   a : the study of celestial bodies outside the earth's atmosphere through auditory means\Electronic music \Extraterrestrial contact  
   b : the sense or act of listening to the universe with unaided ears
   c : the search for extraterrestrial life through music   

   Origin of EARSTRONOMY :  Middle English ēarestronomie, from Anglo-French, from Latin auristronomia, from Greek,
   from oustr- + -nomia -nomy 

   First Known Use: before 13th century





   Dearest Earthlings...

 1/14/14 10:25 PM EST

Dearest Earthlings, I am proud to announce that "XENOGLOSSY" is now complete. This is the fourth Celestial Ceiling studio album to date. I am not allowing myself to make further changes to the record. I've often read quotes from authors and visual artists who at some point have to cut them selves off from making changes to their work and let the art speak for itself.  

Thank you to all of you who have shown support during the crafting of this record. As with most of my albums to date, the real magic happens in the moment of inspiration: there is no pre-planning whatsoever. I hit record and let the music flow. The entirety of what you will hear on XENOGLOSSY, and all my records for that matter, is what happened live, unpremeditated, in the moment, improvised.

After the improv sessions, I step back and listen to the tracks with fresh ears and hear the instrumental elements that always belonged but have yet to be heard. Then I record those bits based on the existing material. There is very little that is predetermined or considered. In this case, XENOGLOSSY asked for lots of flutes, so I have spent the last few months recording flute parts to accompany the existing tracks.

This album features almost entirely acoustic and organic instruments: what may sound "electronic" on this record is actually an organic recording of live instruments put through the blender. The dominant instrument on this record is the classical flute, cello, classical guitar, cherokee flute, peruvian flutes, bass, acoustic percussion including tablas, the cajon and donkey jaws, with e-bow guitars, basses, and saxophones.

Also several instruments make their debut on this album including the synth guitar, the Armenian duduk, Moseño flute, Quena and Quenacho flutes, and finally the Arabic Oud. It may take a bit before the record becomes available via download and in CD form as well, thank you again for all your patience and support. By the way, I made the album wearing a blindfold.

 1/15/14 7:31 PM EST
The album title, "XENOGLOSSY" was inspired by a lecture I attended by the famed psychiatrist and past-life regression therapist, Brian Weiss. The term Xenoglossy refers to the act of speaking a language one does not know by natural means and implies a paranormal phenomenon.

In biblical times this was referred to as "speaking in tongues" or "Glossolalia," although I interpret glossolalia to mean speaking a language that transcends known Earth languages. There are many documented cases of people speaking a language they never learned while under hypnosis or even after experiencing a traumatic event.

In a very bizarre case, a British woman experienced head trauma and awoke speaking with a heavy Chinese accent. What is the reason for these incidents? It suggests something very strange about the nature of human consciousness. Perhaps these are languages/accents learned previous (or future) lifetimes? 


 1/16/14 8:32 PM EST
The factory is back in production. The CD burners are working overtime, color printing has resumed, and the gatefold CD booklets are being produced again for a second edition. Those of you who called in during the radio broadcasts on WVUM 90.5 The Voice received the first edition of the Celestial Ceiling discography.

Back by popular demand (and having had completely sold out), they are being produced again. As you may recall, the first edition included "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind" and "The Discovery of Life on Mars." Now the second edition will also include the first record "Daughters of Atlas" and the latest, "XENOGLOSSY."

Also the printing and manufacturing techniques have been refined while retaining the DIY "underground" feel. A small amount of these releases will be used for promotional purposes, and as with the previous release, there will be a short waiting list for complementary copies of this 4 disc set. Send a message through the "contact" section and you will receive a fresh copy as soon as it is complete pending availability.  

 1/18/14 1:44 AM EST

I am often asked about the name Celestial Ceiling. What does it mean and why did I choose it? I think the name has always been with me, something that was written into my DNA that laid dormant until the right moment. There was something about the film "Blood of a Poet" that always intrigued me long before I ever watched it, just hearing the name of the film sparked my attention.


If you haven't seen it, it is Jean Cocteau's 1930 self reflexive masterpiece about the artist examining himself. The film is so ahead of it's time you will be amazed that it was made only three years after the first talkie. In the film, the artist travels through the mirror and inside of a door he peaks into he encounters "Celestial Ceiling" as the narrator reveals.

I jumped from my chair and scribbled this down, although I didn't need to write it down to remember it, this immediately became the name of my ongoing unnamed musical project. I tell you, it was transcribed into my DNA and this was merely the trigger. I encourage you to seek out this great film by one of my favorite filmmakers.


As for the real meaning of the name Celestial Ceiling? My interpretation may be very different than yours, so why limit to a singular value? I will say only this: I have encountered the celestial ceiling, I have seen it and experienced it for myself. This was years and years after choosing the name that I began to experience it firsthand as a real and tangible thing, but this was before the recording of my first full length record.


I knew it for a long time to be an impenetrable ceiling, but every ceiling is someone else's floor, no? Let me say this: if you one day find yourself penetrating beyond this "ceiling," you may find yourself in someone else's space, and your presence will surely be noted.

2/20/14 11:44 PM EST
The following is a re-posting of a review written up in the AMFM Review Los Angeles publication back in 2009, reviewing The first record, "Daughters of Atlas":


"Celestial Ceiling has built a unique mythology over the years and has developed a loyal and diverse following. His debut record has become something of an underground classic, having made its debut on nighttime AM broadcast airwaves in Los Angeles and spun in Silverlake lounges. The record seems to appeal equally to the upturned nosed, handlebar mustached, self proclaimed hipsters as it does to soccer moms and librarians. 

"It is no surprise that Celestial Ceiling's career began by creating soundtracks to Theater productions in the berkshires and then on to film scores in Los Angeles. The album's creator claimed to have made this record in a rapid fire session months after being visited by a supposed "legion of extra terrestrial, higher dimensional beings of light" -- as far fetched as that may sound. The sonic landscapes presented on this record certainly feel like dreamy, mystical expressions of some uncharted foreign planet or upper realms of the atmosphere. However, the music seems utterly void of any easy popular "space music" reference points, and has more in common with an impressionist painting, and yet feels refreshingly unique.

"Ultimately the album plays from start to finish as a true concept record, and seems to be so effortlessly humble in it's creation, the album has a certain purity and sweetness, it just seems to float over the listener, either receding into the background or washing over the subconscious as far as one invites it in, but the record feels different with each listen. A good listen for the gym, night driving, a sunday brunch, deep meditation, or for the soundtrack to a short film about the cosmos. 5 stars."  -AMFMReview, Los Angeles


 3/20/14 8:08 PM EST

Dearest Earthlings...  Today, in honor of the Vernal Equinox (AKA the first day of Spring), today's topic will be about Nature - more specifically we will talk about the ways in which Earth scientists have conditioned (ahem.. brainwashed...) humanity into believing that all of nature and the universe is the product of random and chaotic events.  


I would like to take this moment to make a bold statement: THE BIG BANG NEVER HAPPENED. I should inform you that I am not a religious fanatic by any stretch of the imagination, I think the truth is quite scientific, and frankly I think the "Big Bang" Theory is a sad excuse for a "scientific" concept, to me it sounds like a 5 year old could have come up with a better explanation.  

It alarms me to this date that the "Big Bang Theory" is still the prevailing explanation for the origin of the universe, and people often forget that it is just that, a Theory. This concept just never felt right to me. I would rather the scientific community just came out and say, "We have no F-ing clue how the universe was created," but instead they make multi million dollar television series to explain every second of what went on in the creation of the universe as if they saw it happen themselves. Brainwashing.

Notice how masculine these concepts are? The Big Bang - The biggest explosion you can ever imagine; Survival of the fittest - Only the biggest man with the biggest muscles will survive. How about this one - The sun, the earth and everything you see in the cosmos is in a perpetual state of decay? (Actually, the exact opposite is true, all of the universe is in a perpetual state of progress and conscious evolution). Oh yeah, and what about that Primordial ooze that got struck by lightning and kickstarted life on this planet? 

You've heard these concepts, in fact, most likely you were taught them in school as facts. Did you ever notice how masculine these ideas sound? They sound like ideas sprung out of the industrial revolution. Invented by men, adopted as fact, and to dissent from these concepts you risk sounding like a religious fundamentalist. These notions have one thing in common, they stem from the motto, "Order out of Chaos."


"Ordo Ab Chao," latin for Order out of Chaos, is a prime 33rd degree Freemasonic motto, which essentially outlines the plans to destroy the fabric of society and rebuild according to their blueprints. The idea is that they create chaos, and then you will basically be begging them to "restore" order.

A simple example of this would be in 2008/2009 they crashed the stock markets and used the media to create hysteria only so that you would beg the governments to bail out your beloved bank, then of course all the upper executives get their huge bonuses - order out of chaos. The Freemasons run your institutions, they wrote your textbooks, they keep us in a perpetual state of war, they finance your favorite "scientific" TV shows and movies - most all TV shows and movies for that matter, and on and on.

When you are watching your favorite docu-series on TV where you hear them giving the play-by-play of how the universe was created, ask yourself the following: does this even sound logical? Is my intelligence being insulted right now? is the vast complexity of life on this planet (and all planets) really the results of fire, explosion, crash, boom, ka-plow, machine gun, get to da choppah? Am I being conditioned into believing that all of life is one big action movie/video game?

These notions were invented by the same people that tell you that 98% of your DNA is "Junk DNA." 

                                                                                   "The DNA Nebula" 

The truth is far more beautiful, it is also far more logical. 

 4/3/14 11:44 PM EST

There is nothing random about the universe, I implore you to question the "scientists" who claim to have "proof" to what they preach. I for one am quite interested in the most breaking scientific discoveries. It was predicted when i was 5 years old that I would be working for NASA, but that was not the path I wished to take. My favorite subject of conversation would be the scientific mysteries of the universe, yet I am offended by the small minded scientists who are given the green light to propagate mass brainwashing to the public disguised as "education."

 I recently watched the latest episode of "Cosmos" and was very surprised how much detail they feel they know about the creation of the universe. Not only did it all start with an explosion, but after that explosion, the universe was full of glowing gas, which at some point drew into itself and popped into stars. They believe that the leftover junk began to orbit these stars. 

However, if the matter drew into itself to create stars, why would it continue to expand as they say? would it not continuously draw into it self? It seems that by this model, we would now be in a constant state of condensation, drawing further and further inward, no? Yet the Hubble telescope tells us that the universe is expanding. That is one part they got right: that the universe is expanding. But how can one extrapolate backwards to explain the origins of the universe by merely observing a slight movement of expansion? 

Who's to say this is not a local event? Let's assume that it is a universal event, which I believe it would be. Why then must we assume that it began with an explosion. This is my biggest point of contention. Why an explosion? Everything we see on a micro level also takes place on a macro level. the microscopic world mirrors the world of the cosmos, yet, we never see explosive events on the microscopic level. 


So then, if it wasn't the big bang, what was it? First of all, who says there needs to be a beginning? That is one thing I never understood, why couldn't the universe have always existed? Why would it all have originated from a single point? Couldn't there be multiple points? 

Let's assume for a moment that the universe began from a single point of origin. Forget about explosions. Imagine something in nature that begins with a single point of origin and expands outwards. The answer lies at the root of biological life: The cell and hence, cell division. 

I think we can be equally scientific as the supposed geniuses working in NASA JPL or those at the Hayden Planetarium who feel they can redefine the meaning of the word "planet" as to exclude Pluto from the list -- and we can now proclaim the new truth of... Universal Cell Division Theory. 


Never mind using the word theory. I am far more comfortable with the notion of the universe originating through a process similar to cell division, and I am willing to be as bold as he scientific community and proclaim it as a fact. Now isn't that a more beautiful process?

Imagine if every sun in the galaxy, once split of from a sister sun and kept dividing. Did you know that most solar systems in the galaxy are binary systems? Most likely all of them are at least binary. It is highly likely that our own solar system is a binary system, with our solar twin very far out beyond the farthest planets. This might explain for many of the odd cycles in our solar system including the "wobble" of the earth - the precession of the equinoxes. 
Then imagine if every sun spit out tiny planets, like giving birth. This will soon be the prevailing theory in decades to come. Each planet starts as terrestrial rocky planet, and over time it develops an atmosphere, it then begins to glow (Aurora Borealis, Northern/Southern Lights), the glow increases (Venus has been getting much brighter in recent years).



The planet gets brighter and brighter, while developing more and more of an atmosphere (Jupiter and Saturn). Did you know that Jupiter and Saturn both have rocky cores which are roughly the same size as the Earth, Mars and Venus? These planets develop and evolve and eventually graduate into stars themselves (Jupiter is in this graduation phase). Eventually, an entire solar system becomes a cluster of stars (The Pleiades). This is the process by which the universe evolves.

Look at nature, look at the night sky, it is beautiful, it is elegant, even the most destructive forces of nature have rhythm, order and beauty. It is the human mind that interprets "random" activity around us, I should say, the conditioned human mind. When in fact, all life hangs delicately in a beautifully orchestrated balance. Nothing is random, there is no coincidence. The Universe is a living organism, and it is intelligent.